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Kefir - Dairy and Non-Dairy

Kefir, the "Champagne of dairy products".  A wonderful complete cultured pro-biotic beverage with many times the amount of beneficial cultures over store bought yogurt, kefir or pro-biotic in capsule form.  Kefir has a profound effect on our body.  It is considered to be superior to yogurt in its ability to enhance intestinal microbiota (formally referred to micro-flora), acts as a digestive aid to the stomach and promotes good health. The people from the Caucases region of the former Soviet Union, known as Centenarians,  referred to these grains as "the gift from the Gods" as they enjoyed a full life of strength and exceptional longevity.

Kefir is considered a functional food because it functions as a health promoting food, offering additional benefits that may reduce the risk of disease and promote optimal health. 

The Benefits of Consuming Kefir Regularly Within Your Diet:

Kefir is such a balanced and nourishing food, it contributes to a healthy immune system, is easily digested, cleanses the intestines, provides billions of beneficial bacteria and yeast, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and complete pre-digested proteins.  It has also been beneficial in helping patients suffering from AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes and cancer. Its tranquilizing effect on the nervous system has benefited many who suffer from sleep disorders, depression and ADHD.  

The regular use of kefir may help relieve most intestinal disorders, promote proper bowel movement, reduce flatulence, create a healthy digestive system and helps balance hormones.  By making the body more nourished and balanced kefir may also help eliminate unhealthy food cravings.  The structure of kefir is such that Its intelligence targets where your body can benefit from it, hence offering help to everyone who consumes it.

In addition to cleansing the Intestines, kefir's health claims have been know to:

  • correct high blood pressure
  • regulate cholesterol and metabolism
  • improves gall bladder/liver function
  • reduce sugar cravings
  • chelates heavy metals
  • helps in weight loss
  • feeds the adrenals
  • absorbs and neutralize toxins
  • prevents pathogenesis of the brain
  • and SO much more...

Dairy Kefir is a symbiosis of many beneficial bacteria and yeasts, which form grains that look like cauliflower structures. During the fermentation process the Kefir grains changes milk into a healthy living pro-biotic food.  It takes 24 hours to produce a finished product.  Kefir can be described as a sort of liquid, sparkling yogurt, with its own distinct and deliciously mild, nutty, naturally sweet, yet tangy flavor all with a refreshing hint of natural carbonation.  You may use the milk of your choice.  

Water kefir/soda, like the dairy, is a symbiosis of many beneficial bacteria and yeasts, which form grains that look like rock candy. During the fermentation process the kefir grains change the water into a bubbling substance like champagne due to the natural carbonation. It takes 2-5 days to produce a finished water kefir product. 

The milk kefir grains I have are genuine grains originating from the Centenarians, passed from one person to another. These kefiran grains will continue to grow and reproduce lasting you your lifetime, unlike powder starter kits that will only make several batches.  

For anyone who is interested in making their own Kefir-- dairy or water. I have live Mother cultures for sale. 


Water Milk

If you are in the area you may consider attending a 
Workshop: 2 hour, education and preparation instructions, go home with your own starter and materials-- $40.00

Live grains:  - pick-up $15.00

Mail order: - $20.00

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Learn how to prepare this refreshing, effervescent drink that contains over 40 strains of probiotics.

We'll taste both varieties and you will get to start your very own batch of kefir to bring home and continue to culture for you and your family.

Kefir grains are living organisms and they need to be fed and cared for. In return, they will gift you with an amazing longevity elixir.

Workshop Includes: Kefir education, starter Kit, and directions
Cost: $40.00

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