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Quotes If anyone ever doubts the power of Reiki, well you have much to learn. I went to my Reiki session today and my shoulder had been throbbing for 2 days. Even with curcumin and ibuprofen there were times when I felt nauseous from the pain. One hour of reiki (I even fell asleep), and the pain is 90% gone. I feel like a 50 pound weight has been lifted from me!! Thank you so much to Dawn Parente for a wonderful session. Quotes
Jan R.

Quotes Dawn Parente is an excellent Reiki practitioner! Quotes
Jan R.

Quotes Thank you Dawn! Even after just one session I feel much better. I found I slept better too. Quotes
IET Healing

Quotes My husband and I are so glad to be back into our water kefir routine. We have more energy and have a better over sense of well-being! My husband really notices a difference with his ADHD. So do I! Thanks, Dawn for introducing water kefir into our lives!!! Quotes
Paula W Drury

Quotes My wife has been making kefir smoothies for the past couple of months. Not only do my son and I love them but the growth on the bottom of my foot that I've had for over 10 years is gone! Quotes
Dave Rieker

Quotes ‎" I have turned my entire family into Kefir drinkers and my son has lost 6 pounds! (He needed to lose about 10 so he's well on his way.)" Cheryl C. Quotes
Cheryl C.

Quotes Hi Dawn...Just wanted to say "Thank You" for restocking my Water kefir supply after the hurricane! Finally got them multiplying and am able to begin drinking my water kefir and consuming the grains again! Can't wait to see my energy level back up to where it was before the storm! Quotes
Satisfied Client

Quotes Hi Dawn, just wanted to let you know the Keifer has helped my arthritis tremendously, also. I had trouble sleeping but now I sleep like a baby. So happy I went to that first class! Thanks for everything Ann Quotes

Quotes I am always looking to learn new skills for weight loss. It's amazing what you can do with the right tools. Dawn gives you the tools you need to lose inches and weight. If you take those tools and use them wisely the inches just starts to fall off. I lost 12 pounds in the first 3 weeks and lots of inches. When I went on vacation and stopped sticking to Dawn's instructions for that one week. I lost nothing. So right back on plan I went. It's a bit of a lifestyle change for some people but it works. If you want to learn some healthy eating skills you need to try Dawn's classes. Quotes

Quotes I beat the middle age myth of bad health, low energy and a big gut. I feel great and look great. I did it all without counting points, carbs, fats or restricting calories. Dawn showed me how. Thanks, Dawn. Quotes